Red Hat Linux Networking and System Administration, 3rd Edition

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It can be used as an introduction to Linux for those unfamiliar with the OS, or as a reference for experienced administrators. The target audience of this book is computer professionals -- people who want to learn Linux because it's required in their jobs, rather than casual home users. Of course, home users can also get a lot out of this book, but it doesn't cover the sort of material many individual Linux users need, like rundowns of Linux productivity applications. This book includes chapters on installation, startup and shutdown procedures, account maintenance, security, software administration, Linux filesystems, backups, printing, networking, the X Window System, and troubleshooting, among others.

In , a second edition of the book became available. You can still find the first edition, if for some reason you want the older version. Chapters 6, 12, and 15 of this book have been excerpted in Sybex's Linux Complete. Most of the book is applicable to Samba running on other platforms, but when appropriate, the book emphasizes the Linux options, such as smbmount vs.

I've tried to create a book that's packed with useful information without being difficult to read. This book covers through Samba 2.

I also maintain a Web page devoted to additional information related to this book. A review by Matt Franz in the February, issue of Cisco's Security Bytes Newsletter called this "simply the best book on the Samba in print" and went on to say that "it should be required reading for any UNIX admins who must deal with Windows boxes on a regular basis. Chapters have been excerpted in Sybex's Linux Complete. My Linux Hardware Handbook is devoted to the topic of Linux's interaction with hardware. For each component, I outline what it does and what special concerns you as a Linux user should have about the device, such as where to go to find drivers and what you can expect in the way of reduced, the same, or improved hardware functionality compared to Windows or other OSs.

My Multi-Boot Configuration Handbook covers the installation, use, and maintenance of multiple operating systems on a single x86 computer. The book begins with background information on the x86 PC architecture and progresses on through partitioning, OS installation, data exchange, common utilities, emulators, and modern hardware selection.

It's designed to be of use both to those who are new to multi-OS configurations and to those who've been doing it for years but who need to add a new OS or want to optimize their existing configurations. According to Amazon.

Red Hat System Administration I Training & Certification Courses

The book also contains information on basic network configuration, using Linux remotely via Telnet, SSH, or X, and more. Although marketed for corporate buyers, this book is also great for those wanting to set up a private home network. As of December 7, this book hasn't appeared on store shelves, but it should any day now.

Note: The original working title for this book was SOHO Linux Networking, and some retailers list it by that title as of December 7, but the title changed late in the production process.

Product details

Installation can be done:. If it fails, you must load the appropriate RPMs and retry using " force install module-name ". Also see the GUI Gnome based program file-roller. The file utility is great for viewing the contents and extracting compressed tar, RPM and Java "jar" files. It even can view and extract compressed files within other compressed tar archives!! It can also create compressed archive files as well. Great tool for inspecting an RPM package and reading the package documentation before you decide to install the package.

Introduced in Red Hat 8.

Complete Linux Networking Tutorial

It should be noted that automated enterprise wide multi-system backups should use a system such as Amanda. Manual page for the tar command. I have the Red Hat 6 version and I have found it to be very helpful. I have found it to be way more complete than the other Linux books. It is the most complete general Linux book in publication. While other books in the "Unleashed" series have disappointed me, this book is the best out there. This book is a requirement for any serious system administrator or developer.

One of my favorite UNIX books. Home Tutorials SysAdmin. Linux System Administration and Configuration After installation, Linux requires configuration and systems administration. Corporate systems need monitoring, backups, updates, as well as system and user management. This tutorial covers managing, modifying and monitoring a Linux based computer. Monitor the system: Monitor the system. Process management. Memory Usage.

Red Hat Linux Networking and System Administration

Filesystems and Storage Devices. Mounting CD's, Floppies etc. User Greetings. Creating a new system user account.

Restrict user. SELinux security policies.

5.1. Kernel Configuration

Operating as root System Administrator. Report processors related statistics. Example: mpstat -A Ubuntu install: apt-get install sysstat. Examples: dstat -a , dstat -f Ubuntu install: apt-get install dstat. Example: service --status-all Help: service --help. Show system page size, page faults, etc of a process during execution.

Display virtual memory "free pages". Calculates file space usage for a given directory. Displays all mounted devices, their mount point, filesystem, and access. Used with command line arguments to mount file system. Mount can be interrupted by the kill command. List of directories to export and restrictions. For more see exports man page. If an NFS file operation has a major time-out and it is hard mounted, then allow signals to interrupt the file operation and cause it to return. By specifying the sync option, all file writes are committed to the disk before the write request by the client is completed.

The sync option, however, can lower performance. Causes the NFS server to delay writing to the disk if it suspects another write request is imminent. This can improve performance by reducing the number of times the disk must be accessed by separate write commands, reducing write overhead. Prevents root users connected remotely from having root privileges and assigns them the user ID for the user nfsnobody.

This effectively "squashes" the power of the remote root user to the lowest local user, preventing unauthorized alteration of files on the remote server.

Red Hat Linux networking and system administration / Terry Collings and Kurt Wall - Details - Trove

Displays currently logged in users. Use who -uH for idle time and terminal info. Display groups you are part of. Use groups user-id to display groups for a given user. Display user and all group ids. Use id user-id to display info for another user id. Listing of most recent logins by users. Show where from, date and time of login ftp, ssh, Also see lastlog command.

Show last logins: last Query for information on package and list destination of files to be installed by the package.

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Used by developers to maintain multiple environments. Allow installation even if the architectures of the binary RPM and host don't match. This is often required for RPM's which were assembled incorrectly. Show a list of all packages available for your release of Red Hat Linux, including those not currently installed. Install package of specified architecture. Update package. Update all packages on system for which updates are available.

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