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This is the only reference work to date devoted entirely to the subject. It features comprehensive review chapters by many different specialists. West Virginia University, A comprehensive guide to cluttering, including a definition, a discussion of the difference between cluttering and stammering, and detailed procedures for its treatment. Walters Kluwer. Provides a comprehensive coverage of the multilingual aspects of fluency disorders. The book reviews how formal language properties affect stammering in English, and then compares these findings to work on stammering in a variety of languages.

Multilingual Matters, Contains a wealth of information on how stammering is defined, how it is explained, and how it is treated, in one strategically organised and comprehensive volume. Pearson, New edition of a classic work that offers a comprehensive review of evidence-based knowledge about the etiology, nature and treatment of stammering. This book treats cluttering as a serious communication disorder in its own right, and provides an in-depth examination of the critical factors surrounding its assessment, treatment and research.

Psychology Press, A comprehensive guide to the evidence, theories and practical issues associated with recovery from stammering in early childhood and into adolescence. This English-language Polish monograph analyses in great detail how people who stammer see themselves, and how close these images are to how other people see them.

Self-help books to support mental health available here

Courtenay Frazier Norbury, et al. Summarises recent research in genetics, neuroimaging studies, assessment techniques and treatment studies to provide an overview of all aspects of developmental language disorders. Peters 4th ed. Aims to show how it is possible to integrate and coordinate the two most commonly used therapy approaches in stuttering, the stuttering modification theory and the fluency shaping theory.

Stuttering Foundation of America, , 80 pages. This book and accompanying DVD, written for speech therapists, provides detailed scenarios for teaching fluency skills that indirectly or directly reduce stammering. Edited collection of presentations from the ASHA annual leadership conference in fluency disorders. An overview of theoretical and treatment aspects of stuttering and cluttering. Leading authorities investigate the Tudor study which in the s looked at whether stuttering could be induced in a fluent child and, more broadly, ethics in scientific research, diagnosis and treatment in the field of communication sciences.

A general survey of problems in stammering recovery which includes personal accounts of stammering problems. Postgraduate thesis.

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The thesis, together with an article by Per Stuttering and the basal ganglia, is also linked from our Research links page. Lund University Press, Intended for both students and clinicians, this book is a new look at understanding and managing stammering based on the theory that visible stammering is really a solution to a central and involuntary problem. Dysfluency is one of 12 clinical guidelines in this new manual that provides statements on clinical management and a review of recent research on the issues. Speechmarks, An account of the contribution of theory to understanding and managing stuttering.

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Includes a description of past and present theories of stuttering, an evaluation of the explanatory power of such models, and an exploration of their implications for the practitioner. WASSP is a means of recording how a person who stutters perceives their stuttering at the start and the end of a block of speech and language therapy.

Winslow The objective of the book is to establish a rational and scientifically defensible foundation for the study and management of the disorder, based in the fact that stuttering is manifestly a disorder of speech. Stuttering Foundation of America, 2nd ed, This book reviews the research on psychotherapy to dispute the usual view that its benefits are derived from the specifics of a given treatment the medical model. Lawrence Erlbaum, Useful resource explaining techniques for treating people who stammer and the rationale for their use. Includes communication skills, variation, identification, desensitisation, voluntary stammering, rate control, block modification and relaxation.

Management techniques in diagnosis, evaluation and therapy for stuttering and other communication problems. Addresses the question: What do we know about the nature of stuttering and how does that knowledge inform our treatment practices. Singular Publishing Group Provides a framework for assessing and treating speech, language and communication problems in children and adults with Down syndrome. Paul H.

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Brookes Publishing, Peters,and Pascal H. Authoritative text on the basic science of motor control in speech production. Includes an introduction into the various new brain imaging techniques with special reference to speech production and an account of current studies in fluency disorders. Details characteristics and development of stuttering, evaluation, therapy for both adults and children and guidelines for practice in stuttering treatment.

Pro Ed Inc, Details childhood stuttering, difference between stutterers and non-stutterers, etiological views of stuttering and clinical management of children and adults. Allyn and Bacon Describes behavioral stuttering management, management of early stuttering, advanced stuttering, perspectives on stuttering and clinical issues associated with each. Singular Publishing Group, Delmar Publishers Published by the British Stammering Association. Details symptoms of stammering, theories, personality and physical constitution, environmental issues and treatments.

Brings together the work of like-minded therapists who have experience of working with children, adolescents or adults who stammer. Whurr Publishers UK. Gives an explanation of the primary and ultimate causes of a stammer examined through the experience of a stammerer. The objective of the book is to produce a free, resonant, reliable voice. Atherley Books, Routledge Describes the non-speech centered approach to stammering. Regards it as a manifestation of interiorised influences and events and erroneously fixated speech behavior.

Offers help in correcting speech behaviour blocks. Akademiai Kiado, Budapest Designed to guide speech therapists in choosing the most appropriate assessments for evaluation, monitoring and intervention. Myers and Kenneth O.

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St Louis. This book concentrates upon the clinical issues of the seriously neglected area of cluttering. Far Communications Ltd, A consideration of contemporary intervention approaches with dysfluent children and adolescents and their families, and an invaluable source of clinically useful information. Professional standards for speech and language therapists.

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The primary aim of this book is to "inform the professional practice of speech and language clinicians and their colleagues in the caring professions". Far Communications Ltd Explains many of the techniques that clinicians employ in stuttering therapy. Includes evaluation, self analysis, relaxation, desensitisation, delayed auditory feedback, masking, rhythm and other techniques.

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Prentice Hall Inc, Deals with the fundamental principles of social skills training, non-verbal communication behaviors, cognition and communication, social skills training for specific client groups and assessment. Includes guidance on use of exercise. Cole and Whurr Croom Helm Over pages dealing with causation and dynamics and clinical management.

Merrill USA, Explains motivation, identification, desensitisation, modification and stabilisation for the treatment of the adult stutterer. Includes also therapy for children who stutter.

Charles C. Thomas, A selection of articles on therapies based on the approach that apprehensions and fears are the consequence and not the cause of the stammer, and directed towards facilitating fluency rather than counselling and psycho-therapeutic objectives.

Thieme-Stratton, Inc, Aims at helping the reader understand how to understand and conduct speech therapy for people who stutter. Programme design technique and evaluation procedures are discussed in detail resulting in a programmed operant approach to speech therapy.

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The authors acknowledging the concept of a 'cure' is contentious maintain that it is nevertheless possible to achieve stutter-free speech. They present the theoretical underpinnings of their therapy, its phases, and practical considerations for its use. Charles E. Merrill, Gives reviews of controversial issues about the evaluation and treatment of stuttering and provides discussion of these issues by recognized authorities representing divergent views.

From the Stuttering Foundation of America as No7. By C Woodruff Starkweather. Beech and Fay Fransella. Pergamon Press, By Carl Dell. Gregory ed.