Analysis of nominal data, Issue 7

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Difference between nominal, ordinal and scale in SPSS

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Data mining analysis - Effective Approach For Classification of Nominal Data

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Nominal Data: Definition, Characteristics and Examples | QuestionPro

It is quite common to code the values of a categorical variable as numbers, but you should remember that these are just codes. They have no arithmetic meaning i. Usually, if such a coding is used, all categorical variables will be coded and we will tend to do this type of coding for datasets in this course. This categorized BMI is an example of an ordinal categorical variable. The types of variables you are analyzing directly relate to the available descriptive and inferential statistical methods. As we proceed in this course, we will continually emphasize the types of variables that are appropriate for each method we discuss.

To compare the number of polio cases in the two treatment arms of the Salk Polio vaccine trial, you could use. To compare blood pressures in a clinical trial evaluating two blood pressure-lowering medications, you could use.

Categorical variable

Home Introduction Metacognition. Video: Types of Variables 3 Parts; total time.

Common examples would be gender, eye color, or ethnicity. Ordinal , when there is a natural order among the categories , such as, ranking scales or letter grades. Quantitative variables are often further classified as either: Discrete , when the variable takes on a countable number of values.